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Appearance: Starbase 600 game

Number of Members: 5 billion.

Nature of Members: Egg laying endothermic creatures that come in several 'castes' determined in the egg before birth. They are a long ovoid with no separate head and four long limbs. the top of the body is rings with six eyes. There is a large degree of dimorphism between castes.

  • Breeder Female -- A 2.5 meter tall breeding machine. Her sole task is to mate and make eggs.
  • Breeders Male -- 1,5 meter tall and rather slender compared to other castes. These beings are the leaders. The most senior Breeders male is "King".
  • Warriors -- 2 meter tall genderless worker breed for smarts and strength.
  • Workers -- 1.5 meter tall genderless average members of the race. they are highly motivated to leave something of value behind them. They are the main drive to expand and explore.

The last element is the "ten thousand" A nanite life form that is of itself a super bug, but one the critical mass of ten thousand is reached a sentient creature. the Endovar macro life form is a mindless animal without them. It has been noted that the nanites, exchanged by body fluid are dangerous to other races and they will hostilely take over any host, even with with a mind of it's own.

Organization: Insect hive. the Endovar have a totalitarian rule and are happy that way. the idea of changing this disturbs them greatly. they are good little communists.

There is feedback, the workers and warriors being genderless have developed a drive to leave a legacy, to make something useful to be remembered by. These are fully sentient creatures. As a result a "King" that is reticent in expanding and exploring will be overthrown and eaten. (It is of note they they do not waste the dead.)

Game Role: An interesting problem.

World Role: That life thing

Relative Influence: Minor, a DiHydrogen warp drive culture.

Public or Secret?: Public

Publicly Stated Goal: Peacefully explore.

Relative Wealth: One star system

Group advantages: Unified though and purpose.

Special Abilities:

Group disadvantages: Infectious. The nanites are mildly infections at the exchange of body fluid level. They will overwrite existing minds.

Special disadvantages:

Those who favor them:

Those opposed to them:

Area of Operation:

Headquarters Location:

Public Face:

Notable Members:

History of the Organization:

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