Epiphany Trek Versus Star Trek Outwardly Mobile

There are a few ways in which the ST-OM Universe deviates from the universe of Epiphany Trek.

They are few but they are important -

First of all ST-OM had it's own internal flow - The large arc is how the Fictional Jay Hailey is eaten up by the job of being a Starship Captain. It's how he fails, and then comes to terms with that failure and then finds out that the yardstick he was judging himself by might not have been terribly accurate.

That track down through failure and dealing with it and redemption is part of the frame of ST-OM

In Epiphany TrekEdit

The Kligese'chee do not eat class M life. That would be like you or I sitting down to a nice dinner of pumice. Would you like some obsidian to finish that off?. Chemistry is chemistry. The kind of chemistry that would make life at -200 degrees would not benefit from the chemistry that makes life at 30 degrees. It's silly. For stupid hostility the Kligese'chee have to depend on a stupid setting on the race maker.

Captain Hailey does not find or release the bio-weapon. He stops at Coventry (later Oz] and helps leverage that world back to warp drive tech. The Kligese'chee implosion is a result of their civil war.

Gensilan is not an Aneilog. She is an RI from the core whose ship was lost in a time fugue. The Rengal is a Euphrates Class Cruiser not an Aneilog native vessel.

Amanda is not a wicked woman. While Rondo in Green is loosely based on the game moves it is about as faithful as a Hollyweird movie that is "based on" a given book. Li'ira and crew only get as far as El Nanth, the location of the Economic & Trade Conference in the game and they get the Ambassador class Abraham Dannon.

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