Name of Place: Eulogy The Radiation Planet Chan Sector M3

Location of Place: Chan sector

Size (area?) of Place: Planet with one moon.

Purpose of place: Be large and round.

Campaign role for place: A warning and source of interesting life forms.

How Easy is the place to get to for PCs? Easy to find, but difficult to deal with. Most areas of the surface require a radiation suit to survive on. Some are worse than others, but there is no place that is rated for long term survival without anti-radiation gear. It is a world best explored with scanners and probes.

Advantages of the place: Archeology to be done in space and on the moon.

Disadvantages of the Place: High Radiation. 30 million years ago the planet was severely damaged in an all out nuclear war. The would is still not safe to spend any time on for humanoids, but life has recovered and adapted.

Notable Residents of the place: Arthropod life from that are highly resistant to radiation. They also communicate in the radio bands. No sentient life has been found.

History of the place: Evident is that 30 million years ago a humanoid space presence existed. They apparently blasted themselves out of existence with nuclear weapons. They also took the entire mammal family with them.

Currently probes are exploring the ruins on the world's moon. Vacuum mummies are far too plentiful and there is archaeological evidence to be found of the Humanoid culture. On the planet proper archaeological evidence is thin. Thirty million years of geological activity have erased most signs that the humanoid culture ever existed. No conclusions have been reached.

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