Exodus ship


2364 ships of the Sixliss used to move the population off their dying home world. Each vessel is 166 km long, over 46 km wide. They are powered by chemical rockets and electrical generators.

The ships themselves are giant cylinders. They barely have enough power to get moving. Fuel enough to get to speed, and fuel enough to Slow down.

The fleet was aimed at Algoiran, an Equiniod world stuck in a a post industrial state. Television signals from this world gave the Sixliss a place to go.

The Exodus project undertaken by Starfleet is emptying the ships as quickly as possible using El Nanth Starships' Behemoth Class Heavy Container ships. The ten vessels equipped with steerage class accommodations (the trip is short) shuttle back and forth between the Exodus Fleet and Newhome, even with the size of the shuttles it will take a decade to empty the vessels.

Plans are being examined to preserve one of the giants, somehow. There is a lively debate as to whether to mine the empty ships for materials, the last gift of the old world.

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