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Currently in use. Built 2340 to present.

The Falcon class cutter is about half the length of the Defiant (NX 74205), and has a vastly over powered impulse drive. It has limited warp capacity, and is heavily gunned for its size. Its sole mission is in-system patrol, defense, and law enforcement. The design is still in service and still being built. This is one of the few military/police class ships the Ane build for export. It can be found in the hands of system defense forces around the Federation in a dozen configurations.

The usual armament is phasers and a single torpedo turret with one tube, the original cyclops turret designed as a proof of concept.. The latest cutters out of the El Nanth shipyard incorporate a new weapon that disrupts the systems of the target ship with a power overload instead of damaging the structure of the ship. The ionic disrupter looks to have a future in law enforcement. Weapons do not exceed class 8 due to size limitations of the hull.

A Falcon can mount quantum torpedoes however this has never been done in practice. Falcons have a 20 torpedo magazine.

The wings are mostly Clarkium radiators, the only reaosn this vessel has any degree of staying power is a superior ability to dump excess heat.

Falcons are not fitted with the HE warp drives systems. They do use a warp system that employs similar fins and is built into the wings. In this case the fins are intercoolers not control fins.

E-D ScaleEdit

  • Science capacity - 50 to 200 Good sensors, class 8 to class 14 but no labs.
  • Crew Comfort - 200 Crews do not typically live on board for long periods of time.
  • Duration - 50 Above crew comfort issues. A week on one of these ships is a hard haul.
  • Medical facilities - 100 Falcons do not have a sickbay. They do have limited trauma care facilities.
  • Tactical maneuvering - 5000 Over built impulse engines and small size.
  • Strategic Speed - 1000 to 18,000 Most cam make 3 light years a day. Later models have disodium drives. Again, not a ship you want to do that in.
  • Defense - 100 to 500 Depending on when build class 4 to class 8 shielding.
  • Offense - 200 Class 6 to class 8 phasers and/or ion cannon, one torpedo tube short staying power small magazine.
  • Versatility - 100 Nope it is what it is.
  • Internal Security – 500

Falcon class cutters are a fraction of the size of Heavy Cruisers and are never intended to work far from base. They are police ships, at best attrition attack ships in a military sense. Crews are small and usually do not live on board for any length of time.

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