Created by: Garry Stahl with a nod to Theodore Sturgeon

Appearance: Epiphany Trek game

Number of Members: Several hundred thousand.

Nature of Members: A mix of sentient beings and semi-free willed constructs built around the assumptions of a Grimm's fairy takes kind of setting that is slowly learning how to be a real world.

Most of the population is Human, not even constructs any more but real Humans. the more fantastic creature like fairies and dragons are the typical construction of the Shore Leave Planet.

It has been noted that these are more lifelike than the original Shore Leave planet found. And is is speculated that this is a later development.

Organization: Kingdom.

Game Role: Get a spit take.

World Role: A Shore Leave planet. Maker still unknown.

Relative Influence: Minor

Public or Secret?: Public

Publicly Stated Goal: Entertain you.

Relative Wealth: Minor.

Group advantages: Shore Leave planets are factories of stunning size with a planey wide net of sensors to create your wildest dream, or nightmare.

Group disadvantages: The keeper was missing for some 300 years.

Those who favor them: UFP Umpahl

Those opposed to them:

Area of Operation: The Implosion Zone between the Hiver Federation and the Romulan Star Empire

Headquarters Location:

Public Face: Be our guest

Notable Members: The Keeper -- An AI that looks like a "magic mirror". The Wicked Queen removed him from the plant for far too long, things are rather out of hand. No that he is back he is working on it.

History of the Organization: Ages ago the mysterious makers of the Shore Leave worlds made this one. They put an AI in control of it. Then they gradually went away.

No one knows where Jack came from. A young Human child of the male persuasion. Jack was scared and lonely and loved classic Earth fairly tales. the Keeper desperate for purpose built a fairy tale kingdom for Jack. Right down to the beautiful Princess to marry.

Jack eventually grew old and died, but his descendants were real enough that the Keeper continued to see their lives went as expected. A sizable population of real people developed from the constructs.

Eventually Jack's great great grandson fathered a beautiful daughter, and his queen shortly died. He married a beautiful women who didn't much care for the daughter. Then Jack III died suddenly leaving her childless. Then she tried to ditch the girly, in the process she got herself killed. Bad she took the Keeper with her.

The USS Crystal City found the whole setup, girly poisoned in a sleep tube, the smashed Umpahl ship and eventually the wicked Queen, her runabout riddled with fire from the Umpahl mining ship.

The Crystal City returned the Keeper to Faraway, they were still functioning, but badly needed a guiding hand for the less real parts, the dragons the ogres and such.

The Crystal City opened relations with King Trueheart IV

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