The Farciet are a humanoid race in the far eastrern side of the Map of Known Space AKA the Builder Zone.  Calling that area Known Space is currently a touch optimistic. 

The Farciets resemble the "Gray Aliens" of Earth mythology.  They are short, slight people compared to most humanoids, they are hairless, have large heads and big eyes. Farciets are from a light gravity world and like darker places. 

The Farciet home system was the site of an unstable wormhole - the far end migrates around, randomly. It is possible that the Farciets did visit Earth in the second half of the 20th century.

Farciet ships are saucers and darts, with a preference for smooth skins and muted lighting. 

The Farciets are hostile to non-Farciet life. They are aggressive and territorial.

Their first appearance is in "Word of the Builders ", where the Builders put them in their place, directly.