• Created by: Garry Stahl
  • Appearance: Starbase 600 game
  • Number of Members: tens of thousands.
  • Nature of Members: Primarily pathologists and those that support the profession.
  • Organization: Bureaucratic
  • Game Role: A possible encounter
  • World Role: An omnibus group that combines and distributes the efforts of like purposed offices on the Federation member planets.
  • Relative Influence: Major. The FCDC is well known and respected.
  • Public or Secret?: Public
  • Publicly Stated Goal: End disease
  • Relative Wealth: It has a fixed but generous budget within the Federation structure.
  • Group advantages: Well qualified people and a charter agreed on by all participants. There are few people that want to be sick, so they are universally supported.
  • Group disadvantages: Limited scope of mission. The FCDC is also dependent on other sources of transportation to get around. They do not have their own ships.
  • Those who favor them: People that like good health.
  • Those opposed to them: No one really, unless you want plague and disease spread throughout the galaxy. TeNGO, but it does not care.
  • Area of Operation: United Federation of Planets member worlds and colonies.
  • Headquarters Location: Atlanta, Ga, Earth.
  • Public Face: Ernest defenders of the public health.
  • Notable Members: Marcus Killroy -- Earth. Healer Stenn -- Vulcan, Atrockic Kentakos -- Andor, Degoed Voeltgod -- Teller, Letan Hippiankos -- Kentarui These doctors were the founding pathologists of the FCDC. They are little known in the greater Federation. None of them would have approved of fame in any case.
  • History of the Organization: The Federation Center for Disease Control was founded by the Federation Charter. As no planet in the Federation at the time was better known for healing than any other, it was decided to place the headquarters on Earth, with other Federation offices. Headquarters were set up at the then Terran Center for Disease Control Atlanta office. The FCDC office is an omnibus group that combines and distributes the efforts of like purposed offices on the member planets. It does have its own facilities for dealing with threats discovered by Starfleet, or others, and works in close cooperation with Starfleet Medical in addition to the health organizations of various member and non-member worlds.

    The FCDC has an open policy about all medical information and will share same with even the most ardent of foes that do not use bioweapons. Disease is no partisan. It will attack and fell whom ever it crosses.

    Some few Federation members, such as the Ane Confederation fund the FCDC to replace a like organization on their worlds as they did not, for whatever reason, have such a group when they became members of the UFP.

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