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The Federation is noted as a meta government, a government for governments. It has little impact on the day to day lives of the average citizen of a Federation member.

The governing body of the United Federation of Planets. It is the job of the Council to oversee and regulate the body that is the United Federation of Planets to the benefit and protection of the member worlds. It is chaired by the President of the Federation.

Councilors serve at the sufferance of their member governments for what ever term the government chooses. They are chosen by the method the Member government deems best.

  • Tri-plantary (Sol Confederation) treats it as a political appointment of the parliamentary body.
  • Denava elects the Federation Councilor directly.
  • The Ane Confederation sends what ever bondgroup that feels like doing it.
  • In the Vicarrian Empire it is a royal appointment.
  • Vulcan chooses logically from among the candidates that are qualified and willing to serve.
  • Aregulius hires someone to represent them.

Other members choose in the manner they feel works best for them.

The duties of the Federation Council are:

  • To oversee the regulation of interstellar trade, the certification and safety of ships and the proper training of ship masters.
  • To set the standard of weights and measure for interstellar trade.
  • To fund and oversee Starfleet for the purpose of Protection and Exploration.
  • To appoint Ambassadors to represent the Federation as a whole. To negotiate treaties and agreements with non-members for the Federation as a whole.
  • Other duties not enumerated here, but clearly set forth in the Articles of Federation, and no more.

The Federation Council is specifically forbidden to interfere in the governance of any Member world, except to decertify that world for Federation Membership. Some say the Federation Council is more than limited government, it is hobbled government. The founders would say "what's your point?"

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