Federation CouncilorsEdit

Federation Councilors are the heads of the missions of the Federation Members in good standing. Councilors can propose agenda, debate, and vote in all Council functions.

Councilors are concerned with the Federation itself. If you have a problem with the Trade and Commerce Agreement of the Federation, you speak with your Councilor. If you are on another member planet and have a problem, you would speak with your world's Ambassador to that planet. Federation Ambassadors are to other powers outside the Federation and are chosen by the Council. The Federation does not send ambassadors to its own member planets.

A Delegate is a member of any mission that is not the Councilor, Representative, or Observer themselves.

(italics are charter members.)

Federation RepresentativesEdit

Representatives are from colonies ether under a given member's control or directly under the Federation. They can also be from conditional members and members in application.

Representatives may propose agenda, and debate. They do not have a vote in council. Any world that is under a Federation member or the Federation directly that is not a full member in good standing is entitled to send a Delegation of Representation to the Council.

Observers of the Federation CouncilEdit

Observers do just that. They are delegations from non-members of the Federation who consider it in their best interest to watch what the Federation Council does. Even enemies are allowed to observe. The Federation deals in the open. Some delegates are present from fear, others are considering the question of joining the Federation.

Observers have no vote or right to join the debate. They can speak before the Council by applying to the Agenda Committee, or by direct petition to the President of the Council. Except in the most extraordinary circumstances this is granted without further question.