The Federation Type 8 ShuttlecraftEdit


Federation Type 8 Shuttlecraft

This Shuttlecraft is a natural development from earlier types of shuttles. The intent is to allow a party of crew members to leave the ship and perform missions outside of transporter range or for a more extended period of time. 

The Type 8 is warp capable, but this is low speed and low duration compared to a full sized starship.  Only someone foolish or desperate would try any long distance. A Shuttlecraft is intended to carry people around a single solar system in reasonable comfort for reasonable distances.

Federation Shuttlecraft tend to be robust, failure tolerant and well equipped.

The Type 8 was created in the late 2360s as a successor to the Type 6 and directly replaces that ship. They are largely considered interchangeable.

Users should take care with older type 6's and type 8's - technicians frequently tend to make field modifications of these machines. Type 8 shuttlecraft are still being manufactured in many places in the Federation and are standard issue on several classes of Starships


Pilot and Co-Pilot station, Type 8 Shuttlecraft


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