On the subject of feedback. Writers love feedback. They will eat nothing but morning, noon, and night if you give it to them. TrekCreative is foremost a writer's forum. There is nothing you can to to please us better than to say you read our work and tell us what you thought of it.

I wrote the following scale tongue in cheek as a mild poke at a gent that fell into category one, it is not to be taken seriously. However, people like it and use it so....

When posting material to the list one can expect feedback. For the sake of time savings please indicate which degree of feedback you want when you post a story.

0: No feedback please. Your mortal words could not do justice to my genius.
1: I'm wonderful, tell me how wonderful I am.
2: I will take suggestions on spelling and grammar. Being avant guard, I might not use them.
3: Be gentle, I'm a criticism virgin.
4: I bruise easy, so please break to to me in small bits.
5: Be honest, I'll pout, but be honest.
6: I'm a man (even if I'm a woman), tell me like it is.
7: What, that's all you have to say?
8: Make me defend every concept.
9: Make me defend every word!
10: "Puss oozing, eye ripping prose." Don't be gentle, tell me what you really mean.

When giving feedback it is suggested that you use the method we describe as Orchids, Onions, & Questions.

  • Orchids: Start on a positive note, tell use what you liked
  • Onions: Okay, deliver the bad news, what didn't you like.
  • Questions: Something here was not clear to me or I want to know more.