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The pouring out from Earth of various colony efforts in the years following the invention of the warp drive. The period is generally considerate to be from 2061 to 2100.

The participants in the first Diaspora fall into three categories.

  • Those fleeing Earth because they considered it used up and done for.
  • Groups fleeing the tolerance of the Earth Alliance so they could continue to oppress people not of their tribe, be it religious or political.
  • True explorers that wanted to find out what was out there.

The usual beast of burden was warp 2 slow boats, that frequently used hibernation to pack large number of people and animals into smaller ships.

It was later learned that many efforts ended in tragic failure.

Known First Diaspora EffortsEdit

  • The Bendross ships: This effort was financed by Bendross Inc in the years prior to the AI War. Five hwerer panned, BBendross II was destroyed by Neo-Luddites as it was leaving the system, Bendross IV was leaving the Sol system when the whole thing came apart. The Bendross effort falls in the rats fleeing the ship category.
    • Bendross I: Damaged by Neo-Luddits as it reached the target system (Bendross of course) It was rescued by Bendross III.
    • Bendross III: The Msot succesful of the Bendross ship. It went were it was intended to go. Rescued a previous effort, and founded the colony it set out to.
    • Bendross IV: The last of the successful Bendross ships, kinda. Due to the influence of the Ghostlands they ended up Swirly Thinged and on the edge of the Oz system in the 25th century. They made it...kinda.
  • The Denava: Founded out of the most robust Human colonies ever. One of the looking to the future types.
  • God's Mercy: The Atlas colony effort. This was religious based. Not so much the hateful part as getting away form the polluted spirit of Earth

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