Galactic Exploration Command

One of the primary divisions of the Federation Starfleet. The direct command of most PC ships.

Note that any Starfleet ship can be suddenly called on to do any job. Even an SAR cutter can get science dumped in its lap. That said the ships chosen for GXC are the usually the largest, the heavy cruiser is the highest form or GXC life. One also finds scouts, survey ships and science ships.

For Humans or Vulcans this is the glamor job. The thing they strive to do. Boldly going and all that.


This is from the organization for Starfleet given in FASA 's Star Trek RPG.

In Jay-Trek,  in the early 2300's Starfleet Reorganized the GXC and the MOC into Standing Fleets and Roaming Fleets.

The Original FASA Star Trek RPG Starfleet Commands were:Edit

  • Galactic Exploration Command
  • Military Operations Command
  • Starbase Operations Command 
  • Colonial Operations Command
  • Merchant Marine Command
  • Starfleet Academy
  • Starfleet Intelligence

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