Garry 2005

Garry Stahl

Webmaster and current moderator of the Trek Creative Mailing List.

     Garry is the creator and main author of the Epiphany Trek setting. His website The Olde Phoenix Inn contains evidence of his main passions, Star Trek/science fiction, role-playing, Linux and Amiga computers. He describes himself as "A first generation Star Trek fan and role-player. I have been writing fan fiction in the Star Trek Universe since 1997. It has attracted, against all odds, a small but ardent audience that keeps my ego up high enough that I keep writing it. I thank all of them." He also builds models in the Star Trek and fantasy genre.

     Other than this he lives in Dearborn Michigan with his wonderful Wife Sue (Who also writes), his Son Matthew, cats Zackery, Flower and Midnight, guinea pig Duey, and his King Python Perclies. The house is overstuffed with books, models, music, horses, and gaming materials.