An area of standing interphase in the Klingon Empire centered on 0..1/-5.6 itis 40 x 20 light years in size and contains no star systems. The standing interphase has been a bugbear to Starfleet Intelligence attempting signals intelligence in the Klingon Empire, not to mention the Klingons themselves trying to signal. A bigger nastier version of the Badlands near Bajor.

The area is believed to date from the Iconian war, the result of some mad science weapon employed by one side or the other. It is hard to date and harder to identity the cause. The All has no memory of the Ghostlands before that war.

The Klingons state that the Ghostlands are shrinking. It is on the order of a few hundred million kilometers in the 100 years they have studied the phenomena with any fidelity. Given the size of the phenomena it is not going away soon.

The Ghostlands produce phantom subspace signals and visions of ships that do not exist. It sometimes produces ships that should not exist like a Tzen Battleship.

Ships that should exist will regularly go missing if they mess with the Ghostlands.

The Lavender Nebula ConnectionEdit

There is a connection between the Ghostlands and the Lavender Nebula near Oz. A number of ships from the space around Earth or even on Earth itself have appeared on Oz. The quantum signature of these craft have the stink of the Ghostlands all over them.