Created by: Jay P Hailey

Appearance: Star Trek: Outwardly Mobile stories, Starbase 600 game.

Number of Members: Some tens to hundred of thousands, the total is unknown, even by Globists.

Nature of Members: Members of the Kurr Association core races. They are not open to others.

Organization: Political Party: the majority of the Globists prefer quiet political action and voting their will. Cell: Some are more proactive and are the most ethical terrorists you will find.

Game Role: Problems

World Role: Reactionary political movement.

Relative Influence: Out of proportion to their size.

Public or Secret?: Public. Members identify with a circle pin.

Publicly Stated Goal: Return to the Globe, and stay there.

Relative Wealth: Moderate.

Group advantages: Advanced ethical arguments.

Group disadvantages: Those ethics prevent any direct action.

Those who favor them: Those that view the Kurr Association expansion with trepidation.

Those opposed to them: Haileyites, Those that welcome the chance to get out and find new friends.

Area of Operation: Kurr Association Globe.

Headquarters Location: Orla

Public Face: We belong right here and no where else.

Notable Members:

History of the Organization: The Globists formed shortly after the various of the more energetic of the Kurr Races, mainly the Orla and Kamla began spreading after the Globe came down. The Globists fear that movement into the greater Galaxy and contact with groups like the Federation, even friendly contact, will erode the ethical base that has made the Kurr what they are.

A small group went off the rails taking violent action against then Captain Halley. This was frowned on by the Majority of Globists.

The Zak war cemented the Globists in their belief that no Globe was a Bad Thing. Kurr people were dying of violence. Well no one argued that point.

When the Zak were tossed in their lap the Globists were aghast. The Zak are violent, sentient eating barbarians, without an ethical shred in their blackened souls. All the more reason to get back in the Globe, armor up and keep everyone else out.

Current Status: The political party is continuing, they get enough support to keep flogging the message, pointing out the Banduch warning about moving too quickly. They are not winning, but are a slight brake on expansion.

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