• Created by: Garry Stahl, aided and abetted by Jay P. Hailey
  • Appearance: Starbase 600 game
  • Number of Members: 100,000,000 approx
  • Nature of Members: Large herbivores. They are roughly the shape of a dromedary but without the hump, with brown scales instead of hair, and a short trunk. They lack the endurance for a dry climate that dromedaries have, they also lack their bad habits.
  • Organization: Herd
  • Game Role: Background critters, general amusement.
  • World Role: The beast on whose back Oz is built.
  • Relative Influence: They are the only large beast of burden to be had.
  • Public or Secret?: Hard to hide one.
  • Publicly Stated Goal: Eat, breed.
  • Group advantages: Aneilogs like and need them.
  • Special Abilities: Haul heavy loads with ease.
  • Group disadvantages: Not very bright.
  • Special disadvantages: Non native species, they need special care in terms of mineral supplements to their diet.
  • Those who favor them: Aneilogs, other people that like big dumb animals.
  • Those opposed to them: Animal rights kooks, those that don't like big dumb animals.
  • Area of Operation: Oz, the planet of origin is lost. It is believed to be the destroyed Sharidin home world. the Ozian Gronks are likely the only Gronks.
  • Public Face: Gronk!
  • History of the Critter: The majority of the Aneilog climb to civilization was done without the most basic of human tools, the beast of burden. The Ane had been on Oz long enough they were the largest herbivore on the planet. Then they were suddenly humanoid.

    When the Sharidin contacted Oz they noticed the lack, and it was a lack. They imported their favorite beast of burden to aid the Aneilogs in their climb to civilization, the Gronk.

    Gronks, named for the sound they make, are large gentle things that respond well to a gentle urging. They are willing as the day is long to do what you want, if you can get it across to them. Telepathy makes that easy.

    Aneilogs in general like the big slap happy beasts. Their minds are simple and easy to understand. Gronks really want nothing more than to herd and breed. Aneilogs feed then and take care of them, and are therefore all around okay with Gronk.

    When the Kliges'chee attack came down the Gronks went into the caverns with the Aneilogs. When they came out the Gronks were all the technology they had. It is now understood that this move saved the species from extinction.

    Technology on Oz is spotty enough that Gronks are still seen on the streets of even the largest cities. They are also the unwitting participant in a good deal of Aneilog humor: **So, I was talking to Gronk here about it.** **What did he say?** (on cue) "GRONK!" I guess you had to have been there.

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