This represents the conservative viewpoint with in the Federation. It does not refer to any given party of group. Various worlds will have groups that conform to the ideas of The Conservative Party. I do not see a vast Federation wide bpdy.

Guns & Butter means we need to spend our resources on domestic matters, turn inward, defend ourselves and stop looking for trouble. It is countered, more of less by the gentlebeing attitude.

Few people are all of one viewpoint and nothing of the other. Gentlebeing and Guns & Butter do not represent a zero sum axis. Some people try to cast in in that light.


Guns and butter refers to a famous model explaining the relationship between two goods that are important for a nation's economic growth.

In macroeconomics, the guns versus butter model is the classic example of the production possibility frontier. It models the relationship between a nation's investment in defense and civilian goods. In this model, a nation has to choose between two options when spending its finite resources. It can buy guns, butter, or a combination of both. This relationship represents a country's choices between defense and civilian spending in more complex economies.

The "guns or butter" model is generally used as a simplification of national spending as a part of gross domestic product (GDP). The nation must determine the ratio of guns and butter that best meets its needs; its choice is partly influenced by the military spending and military stance of potential opponents.

In state-run economies (where GDP is controlled by a central planning authority or the government), as well as nations with consistently stagnant or declining GDP, the "guns and butter" model becomes a reality.

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