Admiral Hailey

Husband to Gensilan and father to a passle of critters, he is the slap happy regional commander of the Far sector, and grateful servant to The All

The Hailey ClanEdit

Bond GroupEdit

  • Jay Hailey his nibs above
  • Gensilan: Ane RI female -- Rear Admiral, CO Starbase-600 - Memory Three
  • Tanban: Ane male -- Memory Three project
  • Plalyatlas Zhodani female -- Up and coming author.
  • Anderban: male Aneilog -- Owner/proprietor and Great and Mighty Wizard of Oz. He studies alien theology as a hobby.
  • Sroilan: female Aneilog -- Dairy collector Practical homemaker food is love type with a hint of sexual tease.
  • Leailan: female,Aneilog Works the counter at Tasty Treats Sweetness itself. She is not forward.
  • Gillanban: male,Aneilog -- A physically gawky fellow that is willing as the day is long and very friendly. Truck Driver for the Dairy Collective.

Sna SisterhoodEdit

Some 50 odd named are:

  • Snakaa -- Female Koo Bodyguard and pilot
  • Homsna -- Male she is most frequently with
  • Fleep -- male Koo, unmated. Child of the clan.
  • Namsna -- A normal snake guy


  • Andilan: Aneilog female - Anderban out of Leailan.
  • Jiilan: Aneilog female - Anderban out of Leailan.
  • Roak: Klingon male - Adopted. Currently running House Javos.
    Kyryn: The mate of Roak, out of House Kathris
  • Serilan: Ane RI female - Tanban out of Gensilan Starfleet Lt. in Sciences
  • Halilan: Aneilog RI female - Jay out of Gensilan., She runs the Oz Job board, fills in for Mom.
  • Tialan: Ane RI female -- Tanban of the Gensilan -- Kansas Colony data system.
  • Kilaban: Aneilog RI male -- Jay of of Gensilan -- Loafing mostly.
  • Cindy: Human female - former Hamon, adopted. Teens, looking at (Shudder) boys.
  • Hearban: Ane male -- Tanban out of Gensilan, biological -- Youth, getting into things. Fraternal Twin of Pepaban
  • Pepaban: Ane male -- Tanban of of Gensilan, biological -- Youth, getting into things. Fraternal Twin of Hearban
  • Patrick Tam Hailey: Ane/Human hybrid male. Jay out of Gensilan, biological -- Just getting into the toddler stage.
  • Fyiban: Aneilog male - Anderban out of Sroilan
  • Tollan: Aneilog female - Gillanban out of Leailan
  • Galaban: Son of Gillanban out of Sroilan
  • Paula, Mae Hailey: Human Zhodani hybrid female - Jay out of Plalyatlas,

Other FamilyEdit

  • Rear Admiral Jay P. Hailey-2: Human male - USS Crystal City
  • Captain Li'ira-2: Green Orion female CO USS Crystal City
  • Malandia: Gold Orion female Kid, USS Crystal City Rescued from the ruins of Malmagh.
  • Alex: cat male. King of the Cats.
  • Captain Jay P. Hailey-3 Human male USS Harrier, they are taking over the universe.
  • Commander Li'ira-3 Green ORion female. Came out of therapy grabbed her Jay "MINE". He went with it.

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