Created by: Jay P Hailey

Appearance: Star Trek: Outwardly Mobile, the Starbase 600 game

Number of Members: Ten to hundreds of thousands

Nature of Members: Members of the Kurr Association races, Primarily Orla and Kamla.

Organization: Political Party -- Members lobby for expansionist polices and participate in expansion activities.

Game Role: Bothersome Allies

World Role: Move the Kurr Association off its gestalt.

Relative Influence: Major, moving and dragging everyone else with them.

Public or Secret?: The more public the better. Members identity with a Bee pin. Taken from Hailey's description of how the Harmon made him feel.

Publicly Stated Goal: Spread Kurr flavored love, peace, and ethics the Galaxy wide.

Relative Wealth: Major, Haileyites run most of the exploration and trade corporations.

Group advantages: An open friendly viewpoint backed with solid ethics.

Group disadvantages: Those ethics get in the way of the easy or convenient way of doing things.

Those who favor them: The Federation, those that want to see the Galaxy.

Those opposed to them: Globeists, war like races.

Area of Operation: The Kurr Association and environs.

Headquarters Location: Orla

Public Face: Do you want to be my friend?

Notable Members:

History of the Organization: The Haileyites were the people most nutting up inside the globe. Once the globe came down they were first out of the gate, like kids turned loose from school for summer vacation. With a lack of structure or general will they formed the first exploration and trade cooperatives.

When Captain Hailey returned to the Kurr Association with the USS Discovery the idea of Haileyites as a party jelled. The bee pins started to make their appearance. (When the Kurr repaired the Discovery she got bee motifs all over. They are still present and part of the ship's history.

The Haileyites found the Zak a terrible disappointment, and a cold slap in the face. Not everyone was friendly or accepting. Defensive corporations sprung up. A sad necessity in the real Galaxy.

Current Status: The Haileyites are the primary drive in the Kurr Association and are more or less dragging the rest along with them.

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