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Appearance: Star Trek: Outwardly Mobile. Epiphany Trek game

Number of Members: Reveal Billions

Nature of Members: Avianoid race. Hawauk-Hwee can use all four limbs as hands and set up their controls to accommodate that. They resemble Terran parrots in the head and their bright colors.

Organization: Super clan

Game Role:

World Role:

Relative Influence: Minor

Public or Secret?: Public

Publicly Stated Goal: Here we are, isn't it grand!

Relative Wealth: Minor, one system and a Kliges'chee graveyard.

Group advantages: Hawauk-Hwee as a class are quick learners. They took Kliges'chee ships and quickly learned to modify and use them.

Special Abilities:

Group disadvantages: Their reach exceeds their grasp. While aware of galactic society from being pounded to dirt by the Cold Reavers early in there space age the Hawauk-Hwee are not ready to be a warp drive culture. Tough, they are one.

Special disadvantages: Aggressive. While not inclined toward war they are overly forward about their goals and see no reason to not proceed, even if you don't particularly like it. Passive-aggressive, they back down if strongly confronted.

Those who favor them: Kurr Association, UFP

Those opposed to them: Gonti. The Hawauk-Hwee ran a little roughshod over the Gonti when they first encountered them.and they never forgive.

Area of Operation: Rimward of the Kurr Association.

Headquarters Location: Hawauk

Public Face: Forward, cheerful bird guys.

Notable Members:

History of the Organization: At some point they where pounded out of space by the Kliges'chee. Previous to that they have a pre warp space capacity. The Kliges'chee maintained a base on one of the moons of a local gas giant.

Here the history differs from Epiphany Trek and ST-OM.

  • Epiphany Trek: After the Kliges'chee Civil war left the local base in ruins and the population dead the Hawauk-Hwee recovered their own ships and took the technology they found in the wrecks to become a warp drive race. They cautiously started to spread into space. They were contacted by the USS Discovery as it left the Kurr Association.
  • ST-OM: The Hawauk-Hwee recovered Kliges'chee ships in the wake of the bio-weapon They cautiously started to spread into space. They were contacted by the USS Discovery as it left the Kurr Association.

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