10mppSTfed-High Crystal
An El-Aurian station of the First Empire built in orbit around the Ane world of Glade. When Jerry LaSaille arrived in the late 21st century the station was still present, but in despicable shape. It was not until the 22nd century that sufficient non Ane population and technology existed to recover then named High Crystal Station and put it back in operation.

High Crystal Station now has more Federation technology than legacy El-Aurian. Little remains but the bones and the beauty.

High Crystal is primarily a trade location for starships visiting the El Nanth system. As it orbits Glade and is located above Crystal City it is the main interface of the Outsider community with the Ane Confederation. Builder Station gets the press and Starfleet, High Crystal does the business.

High crystal Station appears in four Epiphany Trek stories. The Price The Duel, Passages, and Murder in the Rue de Verre.


  • Mike Carter - Human male - Bartender at The Sky Room. A practitioner of old fashion bar-tending skills.
  • Curly - Bolian mnale - bar tender at Neptune's Daughter.
  • Nardo - Iotian male - Constable, former problem.
  • Glen Parker - Human male Hair thick to his shoulders and a handlebar mustache with a small beard. He is deadly fast with his phaser.
  • Samballa - Ansisi female - Dark woman of intense personality.
  • Ta'kar - Vulcan female - forensics
  • Terkos - Romulan male - Station Constable. A Romulan expatriot, featured in three stories.

Businesses of NoteEdit

  • Diamond Lily's - A brothel. The decor is mid 20th century Earth. Mostly Human women. They do decent business.
  • The Honest Iotian: Pawnshop and Loan Center - Started as a racket, it is still in business, the racket isn't.
  • Neptune's Daughter - A bar of rough reputation, good for at least one fight a week.
  • Replimant - Self service food.
  • Rue de Verre - A "furry" brothel.
  • Skyview Cafe - Top end restaurant & bar at the top of the Station, Mike is the bartender. They have a 360 view.

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