The Horned Fleet is the informal name for those Ane Defense Force ships that patrol under Starfleet Command.

Ane being a Handicapped species have difficulty serving on Starfleet's fleet of ships that are built around the far more common Humanoid form. However they dearly (deerly?) wish to participate in Starfleet.

To this end the Ane Confederation builds, mans and maintains a fleet of Starfleet type vessels suited to their body form. This has never numbered more than 400 vessels of all types throughout the Federation and represents the majority but not entire contribution from the Ane Confederation to Starfleet.

As many ADF personnel train with Starfleet as possible and Starfleet does make accommodation for Ane in the Fleet proper, to aid in maintaining a cross service culture that is comparable. Likewise Starfleet crew that are telepathic will serve on Ane ships to aid this cultural compatibility.

Ansisi in the ADF general start in Starfleet and transfer after several tours of duty to the ADF.

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