The Howard world is the location of a failed colonization effort by the El Aurian breakaway group. The location in the middle of nothing was picked because the Howard group knew that there was not one but two Iconian gates present on the planet.

The planet is currently home to a small but well armed Federation base guarding the remaining gateway.

The planet is very similar to Earth in many respects. The USS Discovery destroyed one gate way, which was in a location similar to Southern California.

The second gateway is in a deciduous forest somewhat north of the original. The second gateway was disguised while the main one was in the open, possibly as a decoy.

In the Starbase 600 game, the site of the second gateway is now a thriving Federation town - centered on the gateway - effectively a transporter with vast range.

Requests to see Doctors Howard, Fine and Howard are not appreciated.

The colony is feature in Jay P. Hailey’s Voyage of the Discovery series.

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