Free port hear the Trantorian / Federation border.

Folksy sort of trust me, I'm you buddy voice: "Iben Howa's Happy Home. Get a hot meal a hot shower and a hot female! Nearly any species accommodated. We got the best repair facility this side of the Baqu nebula, and maybe the other side to! You need it we got it. Rooms big enough you can sling a Quat in, we swear it. No cramped bunks at Iben Howa's Happy Home friend, Every cabin at least 4 pren on a side. All beds will fit at least two. We got REAL food at Iben Howa's Happy Home, not that reconstituted mush you have come to loath. Not only that but the best packaging methods the Empire has so you can take the home grown freshness out with you. Speaking of that wide bed, why you don't want to be in it all by yourself! All that space might make ya twitchy. Iben Howa's Happy Home has the best collection of Companions to help fill all that bed space to be found. Broad and narrow, short and tall, Anglish to Zoowht we have it all. Take your pick and we guarantee you'll want to come again. At Iben Howa's Happy Home Oiya Faber runs the repair docks, and friend there is none better. 25 years as an engineer in the Imperial Star Services and now he is here to help you. Iben Howa's Happy Home has the most complete parts locker to be found in known space. New or old we have the bit your ship needs." Continues in much the same vein endlessly.

On the StationEdit

  • TriD theater Running not too ancient entertainment in the large format. They also sell entertainment programs.
  • Sweet Relief -- The largest brothel, crib girls really. You supply the crib they supply the girl. Assured to be clean and ready. Nothing fancy. (No they have no males. This is not an egalitarian society.)
  • Garet's -- A real brothel. Sleep in, bath, multi species. Higher class. more services, much more expensive.
  • Faux Park -- Five acres under glass, there are enough trees that you cannot see one end from the other. A big arboretum, but it is a slice of plant life.
  • Health and Hygiene -- See a doctor, preen your feathers, trim your hooves, cut your hair. They have pharmacy programs to stock your ship.
  • The Howa Mall -- Full service shopping. More than a truck stop, A Hyper Market.
  • Mom's Place -- That good not too expedience food they keep touting. An excellent catering service.
  • Spaceways Inn -- Those big rooms they are advertizing.
  • Various restaurants -- Dining as Entertainment. Higher prices, bring your rented girl.

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