The Kliges'chee Implosion Zone

When the vast Kliges'chee Empire contracted during the worse of the Kliges'chee civil war it created what is now know as the implosion zone. An interstellar wasteland of shattered cultures and worlds stomped flat by the madness that was the Kliges'chee.

The Federation the Romulan Star Empire and the Kurr Association are busy probing into the ruins of the Kliges'chee empire looking for people to aid or dominate.

At least one entire stellar nation, the Hiver Federation sprang out of the implosion zone without preamble. Some people are very good at hide and seek.

Planets in the Implosion ZoneEdit

  • Angothol -- Location nf the Archive left by the now dead Angothol.
  • Burroughs Earth -- A YAGLA creation
  • Catweasels -- In the Kliges'chee system itself a primitive class M world.
  • Faraway -- A second shore leave planet with a strange fairytale culture.
  • Fenderbar -- Short Orange guy colony.
  • Galinferd -- Neat Dragon people
  • Hawauk-Hwee -- Happy parrot people
  • The Hiver Federation -- Multi world stellar empire.
  • Khat -- Home of the Murrians, a felinod race
  • Kiza -- Happy lizard people
  • Mentaris -- People eager to do each other dirt.
  • Murachi -- Now the edge of the Kurr Association.
  • Mr Star -- Sentient Star, Federation member. We are not exactly sure as to why.
  • Onigold -- Psychic doormat world.
  • Prindle -- A Kliges'chee caused mass mind.
  • Renal -- Home of the Charrenal
  • Throne -- Orion world.
  • Umphal -- Short Orange guys.

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