This is Version 17, released October, 2004. The most complete, most comprehensive Chronology available without argument. By James Dixon, and appearing with his permission.

We are always looking for further editions of this file. If you know of a later edition please let us know.

: Fan Chronology

Garry's Comment

Massive is not quite the word. Dixon threw in nearly everything published he could get his hands on, within a very narrow definition of "published". Published, as near as I can tell was dead tree only. If you self published 1000 copies, sold two and one was to James Dixon, you are in. Anything on the web does not count, neither did Fanzines. There must be something magical about the justified binding.

As a result there are at least three conflicting timelines woven though the Fan chronology that I can remember, Star Fleet Battles universe. FASA role-playing Game universe, and the Spaceflight Chronology universe. There are countless conflicting events from both novels and films. And Mike Okuda is the devil incarnate. (Personally, I think he was jealous that Okuda got the job he never applied for.)

The major flaw, is completeness. It renders any dialog of history impossible without sorting through the spaghetti of conflicting timelines. For my own purposes I chose the versions I liked and edited to suit.

The second flaw is a total lack of any creative input of the compiler. Dixon compiled only, no decisions or reasoning. The over use of rationalization to explain conflicts in events is everywhere. I am of the opinion that using the real explanation for various gaffs in continuity; "They made a mistake" and choosing the road you wish to travel is no crime. James Dixon never could see it that way. Every continuity conflict in filmed Trek had to be rationalized and never simply called a gaff. That way lies madness.

On one hand one is compelled to admire the sheer bloody minded determination that compiling that monster required. If only a touch of discretion had been employed.

I personally challenged Jim to put down the compiler and do something creative with Star Trek. The list after all is TrekCreative. It was a challenge he never accepted.

For the record James Dixon was asked to leave TrekCrative for his lack of manners, never his opinions. Opinions we respect even if we don't agree.

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