James T. Kirk(2233 - 2371*) is the iconic Starfleet Captain, the most well known and popular, Due to being "lionized into a modern day Ulysses."

Canon (Boom!)Edit

Canon information about James T. Kirk is here .

2371? James T Kirk was the victim of a Swirly Thing which transported him from 2295 and the scene of his apparent death to the planet Veridian III in 2371.

Epiphany TrekEdit

James Tiberius KirkEdit

Because Starfleet is Not Stupid, in Epiphany Trek none of the above happens. The plentiful S&R cutters and defensive ships in the Sol System rescue the El-Aurians. James Tiberius Kirk dies in bed an old man surrounded by family and friends. His grim predictions aside, he does not die alone.

In short, Generations sucks like black holes wish they could and is not Epiphany Trek canon.

James Timothy KirkEdit

James Timothy Kirk (no relation) is a Fleet Captain in command of the USS Kongo. He features in a number of tales. Epiphany, Xanadu's Star, Journeys, Destinations, Passages, The Eagle's Spawn, The Wages of Sin, The Long Patrol, Lines in the sand, Time and Again, Ships in the Night, The Little Foxes, and a number of short fiction pieces.

He eventually goes by Tim Kirk to avoid the shadow of a certain modern day Ulysses.

James Tiberius Kirk (A)Edit

James T. Kirk (A) is a character in the Starbase 600 Game.

In this instance, Kirk and the company of the USS Enterprise Circa 2271 fell into a Swirly Thing and found themselves in the lap of the USS Kongo NCC-10455. After being declared relations of the Epiphany Trek universe versions of themselves, most of which are dead, they joined the staff of Starfleet, doing the Starfleet thing. See: Time and Again.


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