This is a meta Article,

In ST-OM I have a Shuttlecraft problem.  

This is about the time line and when new ships and shuttles appear. 

This is the Shuttlecraft Galileo 5 from Star Trek 5 (1989) (Game year 2287)

Type 5 Shuttle

The Shuttle from Star Trek 5 (1989)

I named this the "Type 5" shuttle because it was seen in Star Trek 5. 

And this is the "Type 6 Shuttle Craft" Which appeared not too long after in TNG Season 3 (1989) Game year 2366 or 2367


Type 6 shuttlecraft (1989)

If they look similar, it's because they are.  The Type 6 shuttlecraft is the Galileo 5 prop rebuilt to be a TNG era shuttle. 

But this has an implication. That between 2283 and 2367, there was a type of shuttlecraft that never really changed it's hull shape that much. 

There is another variant of this shuttle


The Generations shuttle 1994

It's easy to see that this one is betwixt and between the "type 5" and the Type 6

So do we imagine that this type of shuttle came into use in 2287 and was changed incrementally until the 2390s?

Because In Voyager we see -


This is the same model and standing Prop, updated a little.  It's called the "Type 8" shuttle. 

Now, This is my problem.  I'd love to see some Shuttles from the 2300 - 2360  time range.  I find it hard to believe that for 80 years one type of shuttle was just fine and then in the space of 15 years, Starfleet build a kabillion different models, seemingly a new (and different) run for each ship. 

For TNG they tried this one


Which has a definite resemblance to the design work of the Enterprise-D.  But it was actually too big, and the curves were, reportedly difficult to reproduce on the set This Shuttle appeared a few times in Season 1 and Season 2 of TNG and then disappears. 

They also made up the "Shuttlepod" as a microshuttle


This one actually has about the size and foot print of a minivan. 

So,  80 years of one shuttle-hull and development, and then suddenly, lots.

Shuttle-chart 12-11-2016c

Lots o' shuttles

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