Jay Hailey -2 (Or H2 as he is commonly known) is an Hyper-spacial clone of Admiral Hailey In the Starbase 600 game.

Hailey-2 and the entire Crew of the Harrier-2 were recovered from deep inside the Trantorian claimed area. The recovery ship was the USS Abraham Dannon then commanded by Captain Li'ira O'Keeff, who had her own duplicate on the Harrier-2.

Jay P. Hailey-2 is identical to Jay P. Hailey up to the point in which the Harrier was trapped by the anti-Borg weapon and transported 1000 light years away. Voyage of the Harrier. Their experiences differ from this point. Again, as with all members of the Harrier Crew. they are 20 years behind the prime examples.

Jay P. Hailey-2 is a quantum reflection duplicate caused by their method of escaping the micro-universe that was built to destroy what ever it englobed. It is theorized that further duplicates might happen each in the same physical space where the event first happened. That physical space is moving further from known space. It is possible that if a second duplicate is produces recovery will be minimally possible. Any further duplicates beyond that point may be highly difficult to impossible.

Once the Dannon reached Starbase 600 the Harrier-2 was turned over to temporal investigations. The crew of the Harrier-2 were processed as out of time survivors and counseled. With few exceptions. Captain Hailey-2 and as much of his crew as cared to were transferred to the USS James Lovell, a newly built Intrepid class disodium light cruiser. Their service in this ship lasted only a matter of months when events forced their being bum rushed into a larger vessel for a mission at hand. This was the USS Crystal City, a disodium powered Dolphin class heavy cruiser.

H2 is currently based on the Federation Starship USS Crystal City. He is married (although that might be too strong a word) to his XO i'ira O'keeff-2. Their adopted daughter Malandia a Gold Orion girl and Alex the Cat, a mad science project, a sentient Terran house cat.

Rear Admiral Hailey-2 is Admiral Hailey's go to man when he knows a delicate matter needs a solid hand. Of all the universe Hailey knows how Hailey-2 will tend to react.

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