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Appearance: ST:OM Prometheus Stories.

Number of Members: 15 billion

Nature of Members: Serpentoids of the Jubextor linage. Kaa are notability flatter than the other Serpantoid races. their cross section is triangular, not square like the Koo or Keth. Kaa double lay their eggs with incubation occurring outside the body. The also lay more than one egg at a time. The eggs are laid female to the male. The male fertilizes and lays the eggs into the nest. Neither parent is particularly parental. Society is male dominated.

Organization: Thugocracy. The strong do with the weak as they damn well please.

Government: Monarchy, and noble houses with the throne shifting around a lot. High ranking Kaa seldom get the luxury of dying in bed...unless stabbed there.

Culture: Sadistic, belligerent, cannibalistic, they take delight in torturing and eating people. They look for fights.

Game Role: The original slimy ground crawling bad guys.

World Role: Remnant of the Great Crescent.

Relative Influence: Major in the Region

Public or Secret?: Public.

Publicly Stated Goal: Make the Galaxy their dinner table.

Relative Wealth: Moderate, a pocket empire.

Race Advantages: A sense of low cunning that isn't always an advantage.

Special Abilities: A mild poison bite with the effect of making most humanoids placid to their wishes.

Race disadvantages: Snakes. Not an issue in their own space, but they are not fast movers.

Special Disadvantages: Will hold a grudge long last any usefulness of even safety. That tendency to look for fights.

Relations: Bad with just about everyone.

Area of Operation: The Fulcrum Region

Headquarters Location: Zulgao (17/4)

Public Face: "I'll eat your eyes."

Notable Members: Jay has some.

History of the Race: The Kaa are located in The Fulcrum Region, They control a small empire via the basic tools of fear and terror. They don't even like each other much. Sadistic, belligerent, cannibalistic, they take delight in torturing and eating people. They look for fights. Their favorite comeback is "I will eat your eyes." Not the nicest people in the neighborhood.

The Kaa are feeling increasingly compressed between the massive implacably friendly Federation, the fair but just Bendarri Empire, and the irresistible Empire of the Acceptians. They have not made moves to expand away from this and the reason is not understood.

The Kaa officially deny the Serpentoid decline and evolution theory. They and they alone are fit to rule, bringing themselves up by their own lack of bootstraps. Kaa adherence to fact is noted.

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