natives of the Planet Kam. Kamla are lightly furred humanoids with a slight muzzle and long mobile ears. They remind humans of rabbits. Kamla fur is longer on the tail and top of the head were it grows freely. Color ranges from a dusky gray or tan to black or chocolate in color. Eyes are generally brown although blue and green are also found. Kamla have four digits per limb with a single opposing thumb. Kamla walk plantigrade. Females exhibit the usual biped mammalian traits as do males. Kamla are omnivores.

Like other members of the Kurr Association the Kamla do not suffer from issues of modesty or sexual control. However, Kamla fur is not thick and lacks an undercoat. It is a poor insulator. They suffer in cold and or wet conditions and have developed clothing to compensate. Clothing is worn or protection, and display.

Kamla gestation is seven standard months. The usual birth is twins and more is not uncommon. Kamla get big families quickly. The Kamla have an on-going battle with population control. Sexual maturity is at age 10. Education has pushed the acceptable age of entry into society back to age 20. Most Kamla will have married by then. Kamla live 80 standard years on average.

The standard family model is the group marriage. From four to eight sexually productive adults will form a single family. In the ancient days said family usually had twice as many females as males. With predators no longer taking many males this has balanced out to half and half. Groups generally practice line mating. That is as a member of the Group ceases to be sexually productive a younger male or female is brought into the family. In this way sexually mature young people who have not finished their education are brought in. "retired" members of the Group do not leave. A single group can have as many as three generations of members alive at one time, not counting children.

Kamla likewise have the super tribe as their organizational model. However it hews closer to the family than the Orla. Civilization was the first time Kamla gathered in groups larger than the family.

Kamla have more colonies than the Orla. Kam is a beautiful but deadly world with several scary predators, some of whom still roam free. The Kamla are reluctant to remove the creatures that shaped their society.

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