Created by: Garry Stahl

Appearance: Yet to make an active appearance. Discussed as part of the Jubextor question.

Number of Members: 13 billion

Nature of Members: Serpentoids of the Jubextor linage. They average six to seven meters long and are built on the constrictor model. Keth are live bearers with the female carrying the child. They have evolved away from the male incubation model. It is noted with the discovery of Jubextor bodies that Keth are the only Serpantoids that have retained the spines. If anything they are larger.

Organization: Super tribe.

Government: Keth are located in the Acceptian Empire. They are clients of that political body.

Culture: Keth are philosophical by nature. The culture is one of exploration and introspection. The Meaning of it All the ultimate question.

Game Role: Part of the Jubextor question.

World Role: Remains of the Great Crescent.

Relative Influence: Minor

Public or Secret?: Very Public

Publicly Stated Goal: Learn everything.

Relative Wealth: Minor, Acceptations have the purse strings.

Race Advantages: Long lived. On average Keth live 200 years.

Special Abilities: High intelligence. Their metation level is on the order of 175. with the Human average being 100.

Race disadvantages: Snakes. A disadvantage in a Galaxy geared toward bipeds.

Special Disadvantages: Easily bored and highly distractable. If not engaged they fall easily into bad habits and lotus eating.

Relations: Those of the Acceptian Empire. They have no foes within the Empire.

Area of Operation: Acceptian Empire

Headquarters Location: Jukalith (-16/9)

Public Face: Gentle scholars and philosophers.

Notable Members: None Mentioned.

History of the Race: The scholar serpents have been part of the Empire for only 200 years. The Acceptians found them in a peaceful preindustrial society. Or rather a post industrial society. Signs that thousands of years ago the Keth had been a space going culture were everywhere and largely ignored.

The Keth have been quietly accepting of the Acceptian presence. They do find that the ability to get around the Empire is useful to their studies, so they aid those that provide the means.

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