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Kit Walker

Christopher "Kit" Walker is a Human, native of Gordon's World - a Duplicate of Earth created by as-yet unknown force.

Walker is the 21st man to bear the legacy of "The Phantom" - He and his forefathers fight a long battle against piracy, greed, cruelty and injustice where ever they may be. To this end they have created the persona of "The Phantom" a costumed battler against evil. Because the sons take over for fathers when fathers are killed, there is a persistent mythology that the Phantom is immortal and unkillable. He is often described as "The Ghost who walks".

Walker, encountering violent Farciet raiders in the 1940s, beat them up and took their flying saucers away from them.

When the USS Abraham Dannon revealed the National Socialist base on the Moon, Walker leapt into his captured UFO and set out to smash this base.

He was contacted by the USS Dannon and has joined the party planning the Federation's contact with Gordon's World.


Billy Zane Phantom

Kit Walker has a thing for Pirates

Christopher "Kit" Walker was a British merchant sailor in the 1640's when his ship was attacked by Pirates. Walker was the only survivor. Walker realized two things. The first was that he was nearly immortal, one of the Oldtimers. The second was that he really hated pirates.

Walker, like many Oldtimers has evolved and changed over the course of long centuries of life. But one thing stays consistent. He is liable to put on a purple costume and wreak angry, violent vengeance on Pirates any time the opportunity presents itself.

Walker has been injured, mangled and mutilated many times. But he always gets better and returns with vengeance and more explosives. In this case the rumors of an unkillable "Ghost that Walks" are closer to being accurate than many know.

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