The Area of space cleared out by the Kliges'chee of any space fairing races. This area is no longer patrolled after the collapse of the Kliges'chee Empire in the civil war. Their sphere of control imploded, hence the name.

The Zone is large, and a total free for all. You have races that cower on their worlds, planets blown back ot the stone age or worse. One political unit, the Hiver Federation simply opened shop like nothing had happened once the threat was clearly passed. Their reaction to the Kliges'chee was to hide, and hide very well indeed. Other races have grabbed Kliges'chee technology and are venturing out to see what can be seen, and recovered. The Hawauk-Hwee and the Lughocee among them.

Both the Federation and the Romulan Empire are scrambling to get ships into this area, Each for their own reasons. Yes another bottomless pit for ships and people.

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