Ensign Lais is a Green Orion Woman

Freed from Slavery, she took up Residence on the USS Dannon. She became a working passenger. Then she Enlisted in Starfleet. Then she passed her officer's candidate entrance exam.

Presumably Lais served for a time as a "Midshipman" an officer undergoing on-the job training, before being promoted to the provisional rank of Ensign.

Lais was the officer in charge of briefing T'ari and X'ari about Life on the USS Dannon. Lais showed both sympathy when it was learned that their home the SS Emerald Daze had been destroyed, along with all of their belongings.

Lais is presumably a senior member of the Dannon's Green Gang.

Lais current whereabouts and disposition are unknown.

Appearance STSA 232 - Wed Oct 31, 2001

Phoenixplay Message Number 1544

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