The Lavender Nebula is a huge gas nebula that dominates the night sky of Oz. It takes its name from the dominate color of the gas. It is roughly centered on 1/-17 the nebula runs for 40 light years, 15 light years wide from the spinward core to the anti-spinward rim.

The Lavender Nebula is noted for the preponderance of second order elements. DiHydrogen is common in the nebula as is DiLithium. DiSodium can even be found.

It is also a star Nursery. In recent memory two stars have lit off in the nebula.

It is also a producer of weirdness. The ISS Dannon came out of the nebula, a stable Mirror Universe event. Recently it produced four intact copies of the USS Defiant NCC-1764.

It has some kind of connection with the Ghostlands, tossing ships at Oz from various points in the past.

Driving through the nebula at warp is a sure way to make sure the whole Galaxy knows right were you are.