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Li'ira-M is a character in Epiphany Trek. She is an AU-Clone of Li'ira.

Li'ira-M is a Mirror Universe phenomenon. She is a physical duplicate of Li'ira but seen through the strange, perverse reflection of the Mirror Universe.

After being taken prisoner in the "normal" universe, Li'ira-M was forced to adjust to not being a piratic, cruel starship commander enforcing the will of the Terran Empire.

She successfully made the adjustment, and is now a clothing designer on Oz.

She is considered psychologically damaged and un-fit for any official duty in the Federation.

Although a success as a designer an artist, she has not earned much respect among the Green Community of Oz, as she is prone to manipulative behavior and uses her sex appeal like a club when it suits her.

Jayphailey 14:36, December 22, 2009 (UTC)

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