Li'ira-M is a character in Epiphany Trek. She is an AU-Clone of Li'ira.

Li'ira-M is a Mirror Universe phenomenon. She is a physical duplicate of Li'ira but seen through the strange, perverse reflection of the Mirror Universe.

After being taken prisoner in the "normal" universe, Li'ira-M was forced to adjust to not being a piratic, cruel starship commander enforcing the will of the Terran Empire.

She successfully made the adjustment, and is now a clothing designer on Oz.

She is considered psychologically damaged and un-fit for any official duty in the Federation.

Although a success as a designer an artist, she has not earned much respect among the Green Community of Oz, as she is prone to manipulative behavior and uses her sex appeal like a club when it suits her.

2407 update

Li'ira-M has begun to try to carve her own identity being a mercenary and adventurer.  This has had it's ups and downs. She has also begun to reach out to the Greens and Aneilogs and deal with her own personal issues. 

Following this she is trying a new run at being an adveturer, described as "A-Team in a space ship"

Jayphailey 14:36, December 22, 2009 (UTC)

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