Bakstekboz A band The Slaver Empire One Billion years ago Slavers

2 Contaminate Zone A Thrash Band, fight in a robitic cat factory Kolgari Region Current Rik, Bend, Clawd, and Drumbot -- Dob and Mart

3 Igensol Writer of Sociology The Vargr Extants Gamestart -17 years Igensol is one person

4 Harimen Collection Library Museum Uniterra Now Dr. Morphius Harimen

5 I Love Lucylan A Bizzare Cultural cross-pollinization STB-600 and OZ Over the last 10 years Gensilan created the series

6 Ric's Cafe American A Lounge decorated as the set of the movie Casblanca STB-600 Made up by Randal Horschak (An old movie Buff) after he dicovered Holographic technology Randal Horschak, and Rick a holographic host who claims to stick his neck out for nobody

7 The Javos Archive A collection of 33 gold foil scrolls etched with Klingon writting The Originals are at Memory 3, Copies to the Klingon Empire and all Memorys Written between the rule of Kahless the Unforgettable and the Invasion of the Hurq. Collected by House Javos and House Katris

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