Sheep World

  • Location: 2.15/-7.9
  • Source: Discovered by USS Abraham Dannon
  • Races present: Ovid - some Klingon, Some Federation
  • Tech level: TL 3 with TL 12 anomalies
  • Politics: Several independent states. Small counties under local kings. And the Technology enclave.
  • Religion: Heavy on Sky dad will be angry if you don't do as I say.
  • Notes: They have a two box Builder Class Station. The planet is protect by both the Federation and House Quar.

    A post starflight world with clear memories of that time. It was contacted because of refugees recovered from a cold sleep oubliette. With evidence of three layers of development. The Malovids are a colony offshoot of this world and have tried to lay claim to it.


Aneilog Colony

Rreenna Rreenn Unknown signulaity based Heavy, real heavy

Lorsa colonyEdit

Aneilog Colony

  • Location: 1.2/-16.4
  • Source:
  • Races present: Ane/Aneilog
  • Tech level: 14
  • Politics: Adhocarsy
  • Religion: None
  • Notes: Second Aneilog Colony. Founded since the recovery.

Kant 3Edit

none known none Sa/St

10 Kant 4 "Kantites" TL 1 A/T

14 One, the Oneite TL5 none t/T

15 Sslith Sisslar / Human TL2 TL15 disodium A/T

16 Bel Belar Sub-warp Space tech Borrowed technology T/A

17 Othned Algoeian early 24th century 1ly/day-1ly/3 days A/T

18 Tenn Algoeian early 24th century 1ly/day-1ly/3 days sA/St


  • Location:
  • Source:
  • Races present:
  • Tech level:
  • Politics:
  • Religion:
  • Notes:

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