This list is a recovery page from the yahoo groups database. It will be depreciated as entries get better coverage in their own page or another page.

Zarians First LeagueEdit

  • Zarian Humans
  • Balmoran Federation
  • The former Balmoran Federation should really be about Zarians exclusively
  • Balmoria - Former Political Flunkies of fallen B-UFP leaders


    • Zarian Humans
  • United Federation of Planets
  • Federation Good - Evil Empires bad
  • Councilor Leea Koralan, Zaria's representative to the Federation Council

House HamilcarEdit

  • Orions, Klingons, handfuls of others
  • Orions
  • Nothin' Personal - it's all about the Latinum
  • Real Klingon Houses

House DavanEdit

  • Orions, Klingons, handfuls of others
  • Orions
  • Give me the loot an no-one gets hurts
  • Orions

Free Republic of ZolanEdit

  • Zarians
  • Kogari
  • Democracy was wonderful who rules now?

Free Port of PogueEdit

  • Zarians, Humans, Bykaler, a few others
  • orions
  • If you have the cash, we have the vice

Mining Guild of PrniqtEdit

Zarian Humans, a few others Kogari - unofficial Alliance Profit


  • Ix!tor (Wasp people)
  • None
  • eep the monkies from exterminating us,and then work on the next thing

Fellows of FreedomEdit

  • mainly Zarian, and others.
  • UFP
  • Anti-slavery
  • "Cory" and the corvette "Freedom"

Delmara, HouseEdit

  • Gold Orion
  • Botchok
  • follow the Money

Gosin, ClanEdit

  • Vargr
  • none
  • Protect Clan Gosin
  • Varna, last they were seen

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