Military Operations Command

One of the primary departments of the Federation Starfleet. Their duty is to coordinate the defense of the Federation and it's member worlds, and to conduct offensive military operation during wartime.

The Starfleet Marines are a permanent branch of this service.

Ships chosen for the military role are primarily the frigates. Vessels leveraged for military use. However, any Starfleet ship can be call on for this duty, even the most dedicated explorer is a frightening warship if called on to be one. Most SAR cutters are way over gunned for the role, for exactly this reason.

Andorians consider defense of the Federation their highest calling. Many Human cultures feel the same way. Politically the "party" that prefers the military side of Starfleet is called "Guns & Butter". The Conservative Party and the Good Old Boys like the military aspect of Starfleet


This is from the organization for Starfleet given in FASA 's Star Trek RPG.

In Jay-Trek, in the early 2300's Starfleet Reorganized the GXC and the MOC into Standing Fleets and Roaming Fleets .

The Original FASA Commands wereEdit

  • Galactic Exploration Command
  • Military Operations Command
  • Starbase Operations Command 
  • Colonial Operations Command
  • Merchant Marine Command
  • Starfleet Academy
  • Starfleet Intelligence

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