Mechinus is a Federation member in the Builder Sector.

Created by: Garry Stahl

Appearance: Epiphany Trek game

Number of Members: 8,459,286,498

Nature of Members: Sentient machines The typical Mechinus swarm will consist of one or more supervisors, and a corps of workers. While all are sentient the supervisor is leveraged to find questions which they then attempt to answer.

Organization: Networks.

Game Role: The artificial life question writ large.

World Role:This is life too.

Relative Influence: Minor. A few ships have made it back to the core. The ships themselves are people.

Public or Secret?: Public

Publicly Stated Goal: Seek questions to answer and to add their strengths to the galactic chorus

Relative Wealth: Decent, a star system.

Group advantages: A near uncanny ability to work together. As networked artificial life forms they communicate very quickly. It has been called subspace telepathy.

Special Abilities: A member of the race can rebuild themselves into various specialized functions. they are near immortal if they maintain themselves.

Group disadvantages: the Mechinus themselves have noted that they are not good at "finding questions". While they are inventive in solving problems they pretty much have to have the problem shoved in their faces.

Those who favor them: UFP

Those opposed to them: Those that fear artificial life forms.

Area of Operation: "Builder Zone"

Headquarters Location: Mechina

Public Face: We seek questions

Notable Members:

History of the Organization: Originally the servants of a biological race that resembled cat centaurs the Mechinus oversaw the eventual failure of the biologicals to sustain themselves. Toward the end they became jaded and dissipated. Reproduction fell below the replacement rate. The species went Extinct in 1050 BCE. However, their well constructed AI servants continued on.

Care of the environment was not a programed imperative, the Mechinus grew their world out of the class M category. A fact they now regret, but done is done.

Mechinus is now active under the direction of the Builders who are good at questions. They have upgraded or replaced their once mothballed fleet of starships. They ran out of questions, so stopped exploring.

The Mechinus are also in contact with the Ane RI community who are good at questions. The RIs are teaching them kernel changes that will improve their ability to ask questions, The Mechinus are fascinated with the RI fusion of machine intelligence with biological function.

The Mechinus were admitted to the Federation as a full member in 2405. They are increasing numbers and spreading their people around.

The Mechinus are involved with the integration the Damyip.