Created by: Garry Stahl

Appearance: Starbase 600 game, USS Discovery

Number of Members: Some 5 billion

Nature of Members: They are mammals in form. Pawed digitigrade, a fairly flat face with teeth that are decidedly for flesh ripping. They are pleasant looking. Vaguely fox-like, if you squint and cock your head just so.

Organization: Tribe and super tribe. They are in the nation state period.

Government: Three nation of note. Many minor spit and you hit the border countries.

Nation One: Oligarchy focuses on National Greatness and Superiority.

Nation Two: Theocracy: Far more concerned about you relation to the lawful morals and dogma than anything else, lagging in technology.

Nation Three: Republic: Three is behaving reasonably rationally, considering the circumstances. Accepting of the contact and working on a space program.

Technology: Tech 11 +/-. Nation three is developing subspace, Nation two is Tech 10 feeling the need to harshly control all sources of information.

Culture: The Mengwar have discovered Subspace radio a good deal earlier than many other species - as a result their world is still factionalized. They have no mono culture.

Game Role: Encounter

World Role: That life thing

Relative Influence: One world no space flight, so nada.

Public or Secret?: Hard to hide a planet.

Publicly Stated Goal: No unified goal

Relative Wealth: Minor, one planet.

Race Advantages:

Special Abilities:

Race disadvantages:

Special Disadvantages:

Relations: None yet, they are listening into the neighbors.

Area of Operation: The Mengwar are almost due south on the Epiphany Trek map (1/-34), between the Norg Republic , The League of Five and the Trantorian Empire .

Headquarters Location: Mengwar:

Public Face: Still developing.

Notable Members: Rado - Discovered that Subspace radio, considered a toy by most Mengwar people, can transmit and receive across interstellar distances. His garage prototype drew the attention of the USS Discovery

Doey - mate or room mate of Rado, flees with him from Nation Two to Nation Three, via the USS Discovery

Child - Not named - comes with Rado and Doey, probably a dependent.

History of the Race: The Mengwar are a Humanoid race discovered by Hikaru Sulu and the USS Discovery in the Starbase 600 Game

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