In the Splendor region 1/-35.9

They are a ratish looking people with solid black eyes. They claim to own warp drive technology and will extort anything they can out of you for it. they have better warp drives than the Locard. The only reason the Mercanor have not forced a merger is there are more Locard. However their presence is preventing exploration in that direction. Frankly they will claim to have invented anything they like and claim you own them money for it. Money or slaves, yes they keep slaves. They prefer slaves.

Last seen in a destructive religious civil war that stated with the antimatter destruction of the Temple of the Engineers, to devastating lose of life.

The drives of the USS Discovery broke the Law of Grez. irrefutable religious dogma. With proof that Grez didn't know the rebels moved.

The USS Discovery gave their victims access to class 4 shields to counter the threat they posed.

  • Book of Grez it states that disodium would work "in theory" but is impossible in practice as disodium cannot exist within the 4D universe. Local sources name the Book of Grez as their engineering manual and holy scripture. Oh it also states that to attempt a dual core is to anger the very gods of space and the heretic shall be consumed by his unholy creation.

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