Merced Class StarshipEdit


Merced Class

The Merced class is a type of Federation Starship.

The Merced class ship was a direct response to the Challenger Class Starship. After the scandal of the Challenger class worked its way through Starfleet command, it was decided to make a new 300-meter class multi-role cruiser to fill the role of the Constitution and Challenger class ships

The Merced class was the result.  USS Merced was built in 2300. The ship looks like a Constitution class as viewed through the filter of the Excelsior class - which is exactly what the design is. 

Because the Excelsior had already done most of the work proving systems, the Merced class was not especially new or innovative.  But it was robust, tolerant and user-friendly. 

As construction of Merced class starships proceeded, construction of Constellation class and Challenger class starships slowed and eventually ended. 

Merced class starships were common in the Federation from 2310 to the 2350s and many still serve in rear echelon positions. Like the Excelsior, the hull has been declared too old to tolerate new drive technologies. 

Merced class starships were named for cities in the Federation. 

Enterprise-D scaleEdit

  • Science capacity: 300
  • Crew Comfort 300
  • Duration - 800
  • Medical facilities 650 
  • Tactical maneuvering 1500
  • Strategic Speed 600
  • Defense 600
  • Offense 600
  • Versatility 600 
  • Internal Security  800
Merced Class Starship


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