AKA Orbos

  • Created by: Garry Stahl
  • Appearance: Epiphany Trek game
  • Number of Members: 1
  • Nature of Members: A sentient star
  • Organization: Himself
  • Game Role: Something different, something really different
  • World Role: That life thing proving that no matter what you think the limits are, you are wrong.
  • Relative Influence: Little outside his sphere, absolute within.
  • Public or Secret?: Public
  • Publicly Stated Goal: Protect his children.
  • Relative Wealth: Doesn’t really care. He has no participation in any economy. nor do they wish to.
  • Advantages: A star.
  • Special Abilities: A psionic off the Kraith scale. Possessed of several psionic abilities. Telepath, telekinetic with extremely fine motor control. Mr Star exploded the heads of the Maakan. That is like you or I exploding the nucleus of single cell organisms with a thought.

    Mr Star is aware of anything within his Heliosphere. Mr Star has demonstrated the ability to use subspace to communicate. Mr Star may have other abilities not demonstrated.

  • Disadvantages: A Star. This limits his participation in galactic society. However this may only be a limitation in the minds of other life forms.
  • Those who favor them: UFP anyone smart.
  • Those opposed to them: No one smart.
  • Area of Operation: His own Heliosphere
  • Headquarters Location: Mr. Star system 7.75/-16.35
  • Public Face: A star.
  • Notable Members: Himself
  • History of the Organization: One assumes a normal evolution for a star, but something different happened. For reasons not understood, Mr. Star woke up and a sentient creature of stunning ability. A YAGLA in his own sphere, but inexplicably limited to that sphere.

    Mr. Star has created space born life forms to entertain and keep him company. They are curious and bright. He has done little with his planets. They have had a normal evolution and the fourth in the series does have life Mr. Star lays no claim to. That looks to be changing.

    Mr. Star has joined the Galactic community. He has joined the Federation, a government and world of one. Like Am World, he automatically has a government that meets all criteria. Less that Mr. Star has economic or social/political needs as he really wants friends.

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