The NX-2201 was a Federation Starship of the 2280's in ST-OM.  The ship was a Federation Class Dreadnought that was superceded by the Excelsior Class.  She was finished out as the testbed for the latest revision of of the M-5 computer. 

Jaynz Federation 2275

The NX-2201 was unnamed.

The NX-2201/M-5 escaped from her developers (Kidnapping and killing about 40 people) and fled into unknown space.

In the 2370s,  It was discovered that the NX-2201 had conquered the D'Strom , utterly dominating their world and reconstructng them into a society to support it. large versions of the M-5 ruled sections, and small copies rules house holds. 

Then the NX-2201/M-5 gave birth to 11 copies of itself.

In 2370, one of the NX-2201 clones encountered and destroyed the Federation Scout USS Smotlow.

The Federation assigned the Starship USS Aes-Triplex and the crew of Deep Space Ten to track the rogue dreadnought down.

The M-5 was infected with a virus that rewrote it to be a docile servant to the Federation.

Recovery of the D'Strom and their culture began.

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