How many women live on this "Earth"?

Nalatrac was the Chief Pilot of Asteroid Base Ateb. He was next in line to be a mission pilot or mission commander for a deep space exploration mission. His assignment on Asteroid Base Ateb was to act as liason and CapCom for the Talru Probe.

Nalatrac was a combat pilot during the Great War, but seems to have gotten through his war time experience without intense trauma of many of his fellow Atebians. Nalatract sees little reason to explore deep questions or worry much about abstract issues.

Nalatrac is the best pilot on the base. His skill at stick and rudder piloting and astrogation are second to none. He is a decent technician and ground combatant. He actually has a degree in areonautical engineering and can do highly technical tasks related to this, but prefers to stay within his happy-go-lucky Jock persona.

Nalatrac and Nojineok are old friends from before the war. They flew together and contested for mission pilot position on the Talru Probe. Nalatrac was pleasantly surprised to find Nojineok was made commander of Asteroid Base Ateb.

On the Discovery, Nalatrac continues to pursue his Fighter-pilot/happy Jock persona, while cramming engineering when no one else is looking. The idea of travelling to a planet with buildiings, replicators and in door plumbing sounds really good to Nalatrac.

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